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  • Musical Playgrounds: Inclusive Learning and Play

    Play and music are both essential parts of our lives. When we can combine music and play together in a fun and engaging space, the benefits are numerous, no matter your age. This course discusses why play and music education perform such a critical role in the development of happy, healthy children. We will discuss the copious amounts of research that tell us that music education has real life benefits such as increased IQ, language development and social engagement, the role music plays within multiple therapies for the elderly and those suffering from mental illnesses, and finishes with an overview of how to design musical play spaces for safety and inclusivity.

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  • Outdoor Fitness Courses: Fitness and Fun

    Obesity rates in the U.S. have reached epic numbers and correlate to significant health and economic impacts. Outdoor obstacle courses in public green spaces can provide appealing, effective, and free training equipment to the community to help increase physical activity. Review the theories of obstacle course training and guidelines for their design and installation.

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  • Inclusive Playgrounds: Designing Spaces to Bring Children and Communities Together

    Play is more than fun and games and is an essential component in helping children develop critical physical, mental, emotional, and social skills that lay the foundation for adulthood. Inclusive play breaks down barriers and builds community through fostering understanding of our similarities and differences. This course discusses how play impacts child development and describes the options and considerations for designing an inclusive playground that benefits all children and the community.

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